CAL QUIM Farm, Catalonian Donkey

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The Cal Quim Farm is both a personal dream and our commitment to the conservation of indigenous farm animals of the Huescan Pyrenees: animals which we believe constitute a living heritage and an irreplaceable genetic lineage forged over centuries by intensive agricultural endeavour.

Our work, which began in 1990 with the acquisition of a small number of Churra Tensina sheep, has expanded to incorporate the breeding, study and promotion of many other native farm animal species including: Pyrenean Goat; Sobrarbe Chicken; Huescan Turkey, and of course, the Catalonian Donkey, present since time immemorial in the Pyrenees and the Huescan Plains.

Our Donkey Breeding Centre has a main objective: to maintain and guarantee the racial purity of our animals, all of which are electronically tagged and inscribed in the Genetic Register administered by the AFRAC (The Catalonian Donkey Association); and to breed healthy, strong animals.

Our animals spend the entire year feeding in open fields, including some months in almost complete freedom grazing the high mountain pastures of the Pyrenees, which combine to guarantee their well-being, correct morphology and their great physical strength.

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