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Pyrenean Goat

ORIGIN: This breed descends from the primitive, Central European breed (Capra aegagrus). This breed is also the origin for other Iberian and European breeds such as the French Poitevine, German Thuringian and Toggenburg and Swiss Valais.

The breed used to inhabit much of the mountainous areas of the northern Iberian Peninsula, but nowadays, is limited to the Aragonese Pyrenees and is officially considered in danger of extinction.

CHARACTERISTICS: Of medium size and long-limbed, powerful horns, a long, black coat, a distinctive black and white face and lighter coloration on the underbelly and extremities and balloon-shaped udder.

MAINTENANCE AND PRODUCTION: In spite of its value as a source of both milk and meat, this animal is nowadays extensively bred, free-ranging for most of the year, for the production of milk-fed kids popular around Christmas time. The breed is very prolific and exhibits a high level of fertility.

SITUATION: Current censuses put the overall population at less than 2000 head, the majority on farms controlled by the relevant association (ARACRAPI, Asociación Aragonesa de Criadores de Ganado Caprino de Raza Pirenaica – Aragonese Association for the Breeding of Pyrenean Goats) who also maintain the Genealogical Register.

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