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Can de Chira

ORIGIN: Since the end of the 18th century, the use of dogs to facilitate farm animal management has been well-documented. Some of these dogs correspond to the breed now called Can de Chira, as can be confirmed by photographs remaining from the early 20th century. Can de Chira, in the local Aragonese language "fabla" literally means a dog capable of turning (and thereby controlling) a flock of animals.

CHARACTERISTICS: The breed is of medium size, weighing between 16 and 20 kilos, with a medium-length black coat with lighter patches around the face, extremities, belly and chest, a sharp face and small, triangular ears. Typically, these animals have a double spur on the hind legs and a black palette, with no tail or a tail semi-atrophied from birth.

USES: They are good-natured, faithful, loyal and obedient - disciplined, hard workers who show as puppies a keen interest in the flock - and are at home with both sheep and cattle. The breed is remembered fondly by farmers in the Huescan Pyrenees region, although nowadays, the breed is quite scarce.

SITUATION: The breed is at a critical point due to the advanced age of the best remaining examples and the great distances that separate them. In response, we have established a small nucleus of the breed in Torre de Justo in Huesca, from which we hope to distribute the best examples of this fantastic dog to both farmers and the general public.


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